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Moment Of Squee: Kids Flip Out Over Their New Baby Sibling

Apr 29, 2014 at 1:43 PM Chime in now

Moment of Squee: Kids Flip Out Over Their New Baby Sibling


Cute overload!

This adorable brother and sister duo are about to be big siblings to a new baby, and their reaction (not to mention confusion) is priceless.

From trying to figure out the ultrasound picture, to grasping who actually is pregnant (hint: it's not either of them), this video has squee written all over it.  

Best? When the big sister finally realizes what's up. It's like someone rolled Christmas, Easter, Halloween and a birthday into one epic, awesome event. Pow; right in the feels. 

How did you tell your kids that you were having another baby? How did they react? Let us know on Facebook, or tweet us at @iVillageCanada!

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