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What Made Whitney Cry on 'The Bachelor Canada - After the Final Rose'?

Nov 29, 2012 at 10:59 AM Chime in now

The Bachelor Canada spoilers


The Bachelor Canada aired on Citytv from October 3 - November 28, 2012. Missed episodes this season or simply want to rehash the drama? Watch full episodes of The Bachelor Canada online!
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It seems like we just met and we were just getting to know each other and now it’s over. This is it, Bachelor Canada fans! The After The Rose special was the last episode of the exciting and memorable season.
When I spoke with host Tyler Harcott a few weeks ago, I asked him what advice he gave Brad when it came to making a decision. Tyler told Brad to choose the woman who brings him joy. The physical beauty is wonderful and distracting but that won’t last forever. I thought this was a lovely piece of advice: choose joy.
I’m guessing a few of you did some jumpy, happy claps upon seeing Brad and Bianka together and knowing they are still madly in love. I also know the majority of fans were pretty damn happy when Brad proposed to Bianka after that weird encounter with Whitney.
Oh yes, Whitney. Quite possibly the most memorable bachelorette from the show and to be honest, unfairly targeted in some ways. But let’s rewind to what we saw on the After the Rose episode: Whitney can not articulate her thoughts without deflecting some blame onto the other person. When she admitted that she started having doubts half way into the show, Brad couldn’t understand why she didn’t speak up, why she kept leading him to believe that she was 100 per cent into him. So what does she do? She says, “You had the choice to keep me too.” Oh yes…let’s pass the blame. Of course Brad kept her if he felt she was falling for him! Her sensibility is a little screwy.
Anyways, now Brad and Bianka can make-out in public (Brad wearing his signature V-necks, of course). They seem eager to get married and have a family so whether she was your favourite  or not, the point of the show was for Brad to find someone to spend his life with. Mission accomplished.

This wraps up my role here as your Bachelor Canada Insider. It’s been a lot of fun watching the show “with” you online and I’ve enjoyed all your comments and predictions (even the ones that weren't retweet-able!). You’ve been an entertaining and loyal group of fans. Thank you for reading!

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