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Wash in Strength, Volume and Shine

Jul 16, 2012 at 11:33 AM Chime in now

In keeping your hair clean, you risk drying it out. Wash every other day to maintain moisture and regulate your body’s natural oil production. Try a dry shampoo if you simply can’t go a day without ‘washing’.
When you do wet-wash your hair, it’s important to choose shampoos with the right ingredients for your hair – depending on whether it’s dry or oily.
DRY HAIR can be cracked, coarse and even frizzy. To combat these issues:
1.    Find shampoo that supplements oil loss, softening hair while minimizing frizz. Look for creamy, moisturizing ingredients like almond, macadamia, wheat germ, avocado or olive oils.
2.    Avoid clarifying shampoos that will increase dryness, especially those with Panthenol or sulfites in the ingredients list - they dry hair and create volume.
3.    Processed hair is often dry AND needs extra strength in the form of protein, so pick shampoo with soy, wheat or silk extracts too.
OILY HAIR lacks volume and bounce. Here’s how to add it back:
1.    Avoid creamy shampoos with oily ingredients or silicones. These will increase smoothness and moisture, which you don’t want!
2.    Panthenol works well because it rinses away oily residues and penetrates the hair cuticle to deep clean the hair.


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