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Toys and Vibrators

Apr 25, 2012 at 5:12 PM Chime in now

Choosing Your Toy

Many people prefer to buy their vibes from sex shops. It's really essential to be able to see, touch, feel and smell any toy you want to buy. If you are buying something for use with your partner, then you should both go. Gita Selli, Ann Summers' vibe expert says, 'I normally tell couples to come in together because then the woman can actually look at the toys and decide whether she feels comfortable with it.' Men invariably assume the best vibe is the longest and the thickest phallic-shaped object they can find, but for most women the clit action is the real deal. 

Choose a female-friendly specialist store that is well-lit and has properly trained staff to test out vibes. Ask if you can test out a model that you like the look of with some batteries. Rather than testing it on your nose, Gita Selli says, 'I normally tell customers to put it on their hip bone just on the inside or on the muscle between the shoulder blade and the spine, because those are areas that will relax the customer.' 

Extracted from The User's Guide to the Rabbit by Marcelle Perks, ($4.13), published by Infinite Ideas.

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