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The Best Facial for Every Age

Aug 9, 2012 at 2:49 PM Chime in now


No matter what your birth certificate says, let our expert tips teach you how to put your best face forward in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s
It’s no secret that our skin’s needs change as we age, and while we might not embrace the process, the perfect facial can certainly help. But with the growing menu of treatments at most spas, navigating how to get the best bang for your buck (and your cheeks!) can be confusing. That’s why we chatted with Charmaine Sethpens from Concepts Salon and Spa and Alana Jestadt from the organic-only Pure + Simple in Toronto. These pros let us in on how to tackle the most common skin concerns – and get glowing as we age.
20s -- Raging Hormones

PORE PROBLEMS: Because of annoying hormonal changes, overacting oil glands result in acne, and women see the beginnings of brown spots, patchiness and the onset of wrinkles in their 20's, according to Charmaine.
QUICK FIX: Balance imperfections (think oiliness and blackheads) in the T-Zone with deep pore-cleansing facials, or try a deep hydrating facial to head start the fight against aging. On top of this, Alana recommends skin-renewing peels to unclog pores and get the stagnant oil out.
INGREDIENT WATCH: Both pros agree that salicylic acid will clear trapped oils and kill breakout-causing bacteria, while preventing future pimples, too. Charmaine gives cucumber and licorice two thumbs up for soothing redness, and suggests sesame seed extract to control oil and shine in the T-Zone. When opting for a peel, Alana points out an all-natural sugar cane treatment to best exfoliate dead skin cells.
30s -- Fine Lines

PORE PROBLEMS: Still dealing with hormonal changes that can cause acne, women in their 30’s may experience dry skin in some spots and breakouts in others, says Alana. Plus, as skin loses its natural glow, it may become dull or tired, and Charmaine explains women will start seeing fine lines and their first glimpse of wrinkles as collagen begins to break down.
QUICK FIX: Keep skin looking fresh and young with microdermabrasion treatments. These types of peels speed up skin cell regeneration (slowed to every 30-35 days in our 30’s) by helping skin produce new cells at a rate of every 14 days. Deep hydrating facials are also helpful, Charmaine notes.
INGREDIENT WATCH: The experts praise Vitamin C (for supporting collagen fibres) and Vitamin A (Retinol) – its dual action helps stimulate cell turnover and fight breakouts. Charmaine also gives green tea extract a shout out, for its power to protect skin from environmental damages.
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