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Toronto Fashion Week 2014: The Top Tweets, Street Style & Trends From Day 1

Mar 18, 2014 at 1:19 PM Chime in now

Toronto Fashion Week 2014: The Top Tweets, Street Style & Trends From Day 1


The talk around Toronto is about all things winter this week, and, for the first time this year, the buzz has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, it's all about fashion. World Mastercard Fashion Week officially kicked off on Monday; the focus of the shows is on designer collections that'll hit store shelves in late 2014 (fall/winter).

While, traditionally, the hues that are paraded along the runways are dark -- think lots of black, grey and navy blue -- the fashions featured on day #1 of TFW strayed from the standard.

Mikhael Kale devoted his collection to bold prints with lots of bright pops of colour (he also embraced edgy details like studs and moto jackets). They'd make the perfect addition to any basic black wardrobe.

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, conceptualized by the amazing and always congenial Sunny Fong, created designs that heavily emphasized the importance of wearing sheer layers and cutouts for fall; the theme was distinctly Middle Eastern. He also gave the evening one of its standout moments -- marathoner Amy Palmiero Winters walked the runway with a metallic prosthetic leg. (Fong has always been one of TFW's most inclusive designers when it comes to showcasing models of varying sizes and race.)

, the androgynous line that's achieved a cult-like following among Toronto celebs, went neutral with lots of beige and white prints. (We'd like every one of the sweaters they paraded down the runway.)

While Line Knitwear, one of this country's best cozy creators, showcased everything from booty shorts (we've happily decided to add squats to our workout routine while typing this to ensure we can rock them come autumn) and scarves in bold colours like blue and red.

The one designer who seemed to stay close to their roots was Sid Neigum who presented a collection of amazingly bold, architecturally detailed coats, capes and dresses. The looks were jaw-dropping.

While staring at all of the fine fashions created by the above five talents was, without a doubt, fun, part of our enjoyment on day #1 involved seeing how our fellow fashion lovers covered the event. Oh, and of course, there was the time we spent ogling some of the street stylings of our favourite bloggers. 

Check out our snapshot of Toronto Fashion Week day #1 below. And stay tuned for coverage of day #2's events -- featuring the wares of Laura Siegel, Mélissa Nepton and David Dixon -- tomorrow!

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