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What's Your 'Perfect' Marriage Age? This App Will Tell You

Feb 12, 2014 at 8:31 AM Chime in now

What's Your 'Perfect' Marriage Age? This Time App Uses Facebook To Find Out


As if surviving Valentine's Day (or even February -- the "Wedding Month") wasn't enough. Now there's word TIME has created an app that tells you when you "should" get married.

If your brain suddenly went, "wha!?" you're not alone. Comments on the app's page range from shock to absolute confusion and disgust. 

But before you freak out, or get angry, let's dissect how the whole thing works: using Facebook, the app will scan your friends to find their median age to determine a "perfect" marriage date.

The definition of perfect is a bit up in the air, but here's a blurb from the app's website:  "For the purposes of this tool, “married” refers to anyone who lists his or her relationship status as “married,” “engaged,” “in a domestic partnership,” or “in a civil union.” We’re aware that some people use this status facetiously. Since the distribution of your friends’ ages tends to form a bell curve centered on your own age, a few jokesters shouldn’t throw off the figure drastically."

Creators also point out the median age of marriage in the U.S. is 29 for men and 27 for women.

So does the app work? Well, this writer tried it, and below are my results. Given I'm in a committed relationship they aren't that far off. The catch is I have already been married and divorced and have several older friends (my aunts and uncles or business mentors).

If anything, the app provides a little fun relationship conversation fodder for you and your friends.

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