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Whitney Houston on Love, How to Talk to Your Vagina & More

Mar 2, 2012 at 10:37 AM Chime in now

Whitney Houston


From a guy who couldn't take a rejection email to dating lessons we can learn from the lady who will always love us (and vice versa), don't miss these love and sex must-reads from around the web.

Whitney Houston’s Best Love Advice
It’s important to dance with somebody who loves you. How will you know… if he really, truly digs you? When worried or frustrated, just exhale, and all will be well. In memory of an icon, HowAboutWe offers seven important love lessons we can learn from Whitney Houston’s ballads. (We’ll always love you, Whit!)

A Conversation With Your Vagina
Perhaps it was after that one-night stand you instantly regretted the next morning, or when you tried that new lotion for down-there that shouldn’t have gone anywhere close to there. Regardless -- we’ve all had chats with our vajayjays. This woman shares the latest conversation with her angry -- and lonely -- vagina on The Frisky.

Why He’s Not in the Mood
Concerned by your guy’s lack of sexual initiative? Wondering where that ready-and-raring-to-go attitude went? Don’t fret -- it’s not you. Or actually, it may be. The Stir gives brutally honest reasons why your beau’s declining your invitation to get down.

The Guy Who Can’t Take Rejection
We’ve all been there: had a date with a nice-enough guy, but the fireworks failed to ignite. Politely, you let him know you didn’t sense chemistry, but you’d like to be friends (or not). What you don’t expect in return is an email begging you to give it another go because “women have literally swooned over my biceps or shoulders alone.” Read the rest of the email from the guy who needs a clue on The Luxury Spot.

What He’s Doing That You Don’t Know About (And Don’t Want To Know)
A third of guys have masturbated at work. Dudes prefer women who are attractive and caring, not good-looking and smart. He likes it when you respond to his text right away. Glamour asked guys the tough (and ridiculous!) questions and they answered. Read more surprising male confessions here.

Hot Guys Saying They Love You
Here’s your dose of adorableness for the week: every sexy male celebrity you can imagine professing their unyielding, everlasting, passionate love for you. Yep, you’re welcome. Watch on Tressugar.

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