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Sex is Really Good For You: 6 Facts That Prove It

Jan 19, 2014 at 9:09 PM


Sex: Fun, intimate, calorie-burner. If you’ve ever needed more of a nudge to get frisky, here it is:
Fewer Sick Days
Sex helps your immune system work properly; people who have sex one to two times a week get sick less often.
Keeps Your Heart Happy (and Healthy)
Not only is sex fun and can help with intimacy but getting busy between the sheets can also lower your systolic blood pressure.
Reduces Stress
The endorphins and oxytocin released during sex activate the pleasure centers in the brain, which help fight anxiety and stress.
Catches More Zs
Both prolactin and oxytocin are released during sex and linked to a better, deeper sleep. Zzzzzzzz.
Look Younger
The hormones estrogen and testosterone that are released during sex are shown to keep you looking young—5 to 7 years younger actually. (Just think of it as glowing after glowing.)
Cardio! Cardio!
Skip the gym? No problem, just get into bed. A decent romp can burn up to 150 calories/hour (and it’s a lot more fun than the treadmill).
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