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Not That You Need an Excuse, But Evidence Shows Sex Might Make You Prettier

Dec 18, 2013 at 5:19 PM Chime in now

A healthy sex life can increase your life span...and might even make you look ho

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Sex is fun. Lack of sex is a whole lot of not-fun — we’ve known that forever. And while many scientific studies have proven that an active sex life can make you healthier, evidence suggests that it can make you prettier, too. If you're regularly knocking boots, great for you. If you’re not, sorry for kicking you when you're down — but either way here's a little added incentive to start getting more!

Happy pants
Sex stimulates production of oxytocin, the most romantic of all hormones. Stimulating oxytocin lowers the stress hormone cortisol and keeps us calm and relaxed. Part of the glow after sex is related to this hormonal effect. “Cortisol causes muscle and bone mass to shrink — meaning you lose that sexy and athletic look if you are chronically stressed and have high cortisol levels!” says Dr. Steven Masley, president of The Masley Optimal Health Center, and author of the forthcoming 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP: A Breakthrough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Cortisol also increases visceral fat, the culprit behind those stubborn waistline tires.
Who needs brightener?
Sex gives your skin a natural glow by improving blood circulation, which helps to pump oxygen to your skin and make it brighter. In addition to adding a healthy glow and keeping skin soft, nourished and looking young, increased circulation resulting from sex can also help to eliminate toxins.
Goodbye, acne!
Sex increases levels of an antibody called immunoglobin, which is great news for your immune system. This can fight inflammation and infection caused by bacteria nesting in your clogged pores. Sex also controls acne by reducing your hormone levels or balancing them out. Win-win!
What’s cold season?
Some men and women offer strong anecdotal evidence that sex can help combat asthma and hay fever by unblocking stuffed-up noses and alleviating sinus pressure. That translates to no head congestion during sex or red swollen eyes and nose. And that’s pretty attractive!
Great hair days
Sex boosts circulation — which is great in a whole lot of ways — but we’re especially fans of how this applies to our scalps. The theoretical result of which is stronger, longer, gorgeous hair: i.e. our personal utopia.
Natural lip plumper
The act of kissing actually makes lips swell. “This is why we find full lips to be attractive and why people come to see us for lip augmentation,” says Boston-based Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, a facial plastic surgeon. "Also, we have a unique procedure [the lip lift] that we do in the office that can give you that sensual attractive appearance." And, of course, intimacy causes swelling also in your skin — similar to massage! But totally more fun.
Better sleep
By having sex at the end of the day you’ll reap more of the stress-relieving benefits. Having a deep, stress-free sleep helps you look better in the morning. Don’t believe us? Behold how crappy you look on mornings you don’t get a good night’s rest.
Rosy cheeks
Ever heard of the pregnancy glow? It’s a real thing, and it actually applies to orgasms as well. Blood flow adds glow and luster to skin. “Sex causes your heart to beat faster, increasing blood circulation—creating the same effect, and giving your skin an after-sex glow!” says Alessandra Torre, a best-selling erotica author who has studied the prettifying effects of sex for her writing.
Fit kisser
Kissing burns around 70 calories an hour, while sex racks the heat up to over 150 calories per red hot hour. “Having frequent sex can help you lose one pound per month — or just help to keep that extra fifteen pounds at bay!” says Torre.
In a word, happiness.
“When one is entwined in the beginning stages of a passionate, close relationship, it has a positive domino effect that spreads from our inner world to our outer one,” says Constance Dunn, author of Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World. Biological and chemical effects are part of the mix, but an outstanding, pro-pretty effect of intimacy is its impact on our confidence and sureness in this world.

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