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Canadian Vs. American Sex: How Are We Different?

Oct 14, 2013 at 11:18 PM Chime in now

Canadian vs. American


Canadians and Americans may be the closest of neighbours (or should I say neighbors?) but when it comes to the highly subjective issues of politics, religion and sex, these two allies are often miles apart in terms of both policy and practice. If you’ve ever wondered how your sex life stacks up against our southern friends’, read on for the (sometimes) cold, hard truth.
Canadian Men Have More Sexual Partners
According to the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, American men report having an average of 13 sexual partners in line with the global average whereas Canadian men say they’ve had sex with a whopping 23 partners! Self-report research may skew the numbers a bit, but this is a significant discrepancy for such culturally close neighbours.
American and Canadian women seem to have more in common in this department reporting an average of 9 and 10 partners respectively -- both of these averages rank above the global average of seven.
Americans Have More Sex
Over the course of a year, Americans have sex an average of 113 times versus Canadians who get it on 108 times in the same time period. However, levels of satisfaction with regard to frequency of sex are equal with just under half (48 per cent in each country) reporting that they’re satisfied.
Canadians Have More Sex Outdoors!
Not only have 8 per cent of Canadians had sex in a canoe (way to fulfill the stereotypes, Canucks!), but nearly half (49 percent) have had sex in a public park versus only 42 percent of Americans.
Americans Last Longer in Bed

According to the The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, the Brazilians have the most marathon sex averaging 30 minutes per session. Americans and Canadians rank second and third reporting an average of 28 and 23 minutes respectively. When asked what we do with the extra 112 seconds per day (based on 108 sex acts of a 23 minute duration versus 113 sex acts averaging 28 minutes in length), most Canadians admit that we spend it tapping our private maple trees and expressing gratitude for the publicly-funded healthcare.
Americans Teens are Twice as Likely to Get Pregnant
Although pregnancy rates are declining in the United States, the percentage of teens who become pregnant is still higher south of the border. In 2012, The Guttmacher Institute reported that the pregnancy rate for American women 15 to 19 years of age was 6.78% versus 2.46% for Canadian women aged 14 to 19.
We Have Some Things in Common!
Just under a quarter of us have had a threesome (23% in Canada and 24 % in the US) and approximately half of us (52% of Canadians and 50% of Americans) have had a one-night stand. We also show (or will admit to) a similar amount of interest in anal sex, tantric sex and sadomasochism.
Same Sex Rights
While most of the research focuses on a comparison of opposite-sex couplings, same sex rights also vary considerably between Canada and the United States. Since 1999, same-sex couples in Canada have had many marriage rights extended through common law marriages and in the early 2000s, nine provinces legalized same-sex marriage. In 2005, federal legislation expanded this law across the country.
The US has also seen considerable progress toward equal marriage rights and same sex couples can (or will soon be able to get married) in 13 states. Despite striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 to ensure that other states recognize out of state same-sex marriages, the fight for universal rights across the country continues.
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