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5 Things Our Members Want to Know About Love & Relationships

Sep 27, 2011 at 4:32 PM Chime in now

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Our message boards were a buzz this week with all sorts of dating, marriage,divorce and sex questions. We rounded up the hottest topics to give you some insight into what's hot right now. If you've got something to say or advice to give, join the discussions on our private and confidential boards. Get in on the conversation now!

1. Should I get a divorce?
“Several months ago, he confessed to me that ever since we've moved, he went gambling almost every single day and we now have $50,000 in credit card debt. I was devastated.”

2. How do you justify having an affair?
“Please someone explain the thought process and reasoning behind an affair, or cheating in general. Why do it? If you are unhappy with a relationship shouldn't you focus on solving the problems that make you unhappy, instead of creating an all new series of problems that will just explode at a later date?”

3. How did you know your husband was “the one”?
“When first meeting your husband, was there a wow right away? Or did you have to date a while to discover he had many of the qualities you wanted and you both related well? If you didn't have lots of chemistry, did you ever feel a lot of doubt that this was, in some way, settling?”

4. I think my husband is bisexual - what do I do?
“I've thought things had a weird twist...like maybe he’s cheating on me with the wife but recently I'm thinking it's with the husband.”

5. Do affairs ever turn into real relationships?
“Just curious...out of all the people having affairs, do any actually take the steps to get out of their marriages and be together? If so, does it ever work?”

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