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10 Reasons Singles Sometimes Wish They Were Married

Jul 6, 2011 at 11:47 AM Chime in now

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Sure, there's no sharing required, silence whenever you need, and the freedom to do as you choose when you choose, but single life can also get a little lonesome with no one to share your big moments with. Even though you know that special someone will appear sooner or later, it's okay to miss the steady benefits tying the knot may provide.

We reached out to our single (and fabulous) friends to get their thoughts on what they miss about partner-dom.

1. Having "your person"
"Sometimes I really miss having that one person in the world that is there for me. Whether it be to celebrate with, or commiserate when I'm down in the dumps. My girlfriends do a great job, but it's not the same."

2. The possibility of starting a family
"I feel like my internal clock is starting to tick. Although I’ve been happy living the single life until now (I wouldn’t have wanted to be married with children already), I do get a jealous pang of married friends who can start having a family at any moment."

3. Constant support
"My favourite thing about childhood was the constant reassurance my parents provided, no matter what I was concerned with. I look forward to a consistent sounding board when concerned about the ebbs and flows that life is taking."

4. A double income
"I look at my friends' lifestyles and notice a huge difference. I'm saving and investing, and generally doing my best. But that second mortgage to get a cottage? Not going to happen until there are two payees paving the way."

5. Someone to blame
"When I make a big mistake, I have to carry all the weight on my own. But if I had a partner I had to consult on decisions with, I could share the blame and go easier on myself. Even knowing I got the go ahead from someone I admire would encourage me to relax.”

6. Regular sex
"This is the number one reason I wish I was married. Someone who is legally bound to have sex with me. Right? It must be in the marriage contract."

7. An in-house handy man
"My friend's husband is a carpenter and he fixes things and made their bed. I want a man to make me a bed."

8. Feeling understood
"Every time one of my relationships ends, I'm plagued with the idea of starting over. Explaining everything about myself once again, giving someone time to completely understand me, and my ways. It will be really nice to just be done with that once and for all."

9. A wedding date
"The only time I really notice I am single is when I need to attend a wedding. Alone. And repetitively field the same question over and over: Do you have a special someone. No, I don't. But I sure wish I did so I could stop answering this annoying question."

10. Commitment
"The idea that someone out there looked at all my flaws, misgivings and shortcomings and said hey you, yes you, I'll take all of that and then some. Forever."

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