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You Are 39 Weeks Pregnant

Mar 18, 2010 at 5:32 PM Chime in now

What's New This Week?

14½ inches

Height of your baby

7 pounds

Weight of your baby

small watermelon

Size of your baby

Your Body
Suddenly obsessed with tidying up? Scrubbed the floors so well you could practically eat off of them? Stocked up on groceries, baby supplies and prepped a freezer’s worth of meals? That’s your nesting instinct kicking in. And yes, it’s a very real feeling many pregnant women get—especially around this time. Go with it! It’s your body’s way of telling you that the baby is coming—and you better be ready. Don’t fret, on the other hand, if you have no such urge. In fact, plenty of women find that at this stage of their pregnancy, the only thing they want to do is rest up, read a magazine or treat themselves to a manicure. And that’s normal, too. Speaking of manicure – go out and get your nails done this week! When baby comes, there will be a ton of close-up pics of you handling that little bundle and you’ll want your hands looking great for posterities’ sake.

And are you still feeling the burn? The heartburn, that is? Keep eating frequent, small meals (you probably can’t stomach big ones, anyway, at this point). And prop your upper body up slightly with a pillow or two at night to help keep acid from backing up into your esophagus. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding foods that are spicy or high in acid—such as tomato sauce and citrus fruits—can also help. You’ll get through it! Your body is continuing to produce amniotic fluid, but levels may start to decrease a bit soon. Be sure to alert your doctor if you notice any fluid leakage which could be a gush of fluid or a slow, constant trickle. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a bit of urine seeping out and amniotic fluid. One way to check is to chill out in bed for 30 minutes to an hour after you pee. If any liquid trickles out when you get up, if it’s odorless and colorless, it is more likely amniotic fluid. If Kegels can stop it, it’s likely urine. Regardless, it’s always best to have this checked out, so give your healthcare pro a call.

Your Baby
By this week, your baby has lost most of the slippery vernix that had been covering and protecting her skin. In addition to supplying the kiddo with nutrients, around this time your placenta continues supplying antibodies to help protect her against infections from bacteria and viruses. In fact, these antibodies will actually give her immune system a boost for the first six months of her life. Pretty amazing! Your baby’s total length is now likely close to 21 ½ inches—and if you could peer inside your belly, you’d notice that her tiny fingernails have reached or grown past her fingertips. She’ll need a trim fairly soon after she arrives. (Kind of amusing to think about your baby’s first mani, no?)

Your Life Right Now
We totally understand your urge to stay home at this point. But consider getting out of the nest and having a date night. As many as possible! Think about it: Once the baby arrives, it’s going to be quite a while before you have another night out alone with your partner. So seize the opportunity to have some romantic dinners. Catch a couple of movies. See a show. We know you’re excited to become parents. Yet why not celebrate and relish your final days as a just-the-two-of-you couple? Plus, with evenings to look forward to, you can take your mind off of constantly wondering when the baby’s big premier will be.

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