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You are 35 weeks pregnant

Mar 18, 2010 at 5:32 PM Chime in now

What's New This Week?

13¼ inches
Height of your baby

5½ pounds
Weight of your baby

3-liter bottle of juice
Size of your baby

Your Body
Any time now, you may have what’s called “the bloody show”—and don’t worry, it’s not nearly as horrifying as it sounds! It’s a small, blood-tinged mucus plug that you might pass when you go to the bathroom. Once the mucus plug has been expelled, labor could follow in hours or days, or it could still be several weeks away. It’s one of your body’s ways of letting you know the baby will be coming soon! For some women, the bloody show doesn’t happen at all pre-labor, and that’s normal, too. If the discharge is bright red or more than about two tablespoons it could indicate a problem, so let your health care provider know.

Your Baby
The little guy is busy putting on body fat—packing on up to a half a pound per week from here on out. In fact, during the last six weeks of pregnancy your baby could gain several pounds. If your doctor has any concerns about the baby’s wellbeing (for example, if he notices that fetal movements seem to have suddenly decreased), he may order a nonstress test to make sure baby really is still doing OK in there. During the test, a fetal monitor is placed on your belly and a technician will track the baby’s heart rate in response to his wiggles and squirms. Normally, heart rate goes up when the baby moves; but if it goes down it could be a sign of distress and your doctor might call for further testing.

Your Life Right Now
Pack your bags! It’s not too early to have your hospital stuff ready to go. Sure, the bag might wind up sitting by the front door for a few more weeks—but that’s better than finding yourself among the moms-to-be who wound up rushing to the hospital without it because they waited just a little too long. Along with the obvious items, like a toothbrush, you might want to pack a bathrobe to wear after delivery (those hospital gowns are drafty and, um, revealing). And be sure to choose a going-home outfit that doesn’t come in at the tummy—you won’t get your waist back all at once. You’ll also want to bring clothes for the baby to wear home and your breastfeeding pillow, if you have one. Oh, and don’t forget your partner! He should bring clothes and toiletries, as well. And it’s a good idea to grab a pillow and blanket. Odds are he’s going to be snoozing in a pullout chair in your room—so the more comfy you can make those circumstances, the better! Happy packing.



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