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It's Now Against the Law for You to Feel Up a Stranger's Pregnant Belly

Oct 29, 2013 at 2:02 PM Chime in now

Don't touch

Photo Credit: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

We’ve always thought there should be a law against asking a woman if she’s pregnant at any time other than when actually witnessing her giving birth. And a section of that law would be, unless encouraged, to keep your hands off that baby bump, thank you very much.

So, there are clearly some very smart lawmakers in Pennsylvania, where they’re reminding citizens of a law that states it’s illegal to invasively touch a woman’s pregnant tummy, Pittsburgh’s WPXI reports. That's considered harassment.

We’re not sure why the public feels a preggo belly is open season for rubs or pats or even full-on feels from total strangers, but most expecting moms have experienced some random person touching their bump in the grocery store line, at school pickup, while waiting in line at the post office...you name it.

The station says the recent reminder to keep your hands to yourself comes on the heels of a current lawsuit.

While pressing charges against unwanted belly rubs is certainly extreme, it’s also apparently within a Pennsylvania woman’s rights when it's taken too far. And as far as that whole asking a woman if she’s pregnant thing ... well, when will we be able to press charges for that? 

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