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Baby Gender Prediction: To Know or Not to Know?

Apr 23, 2012 at 10:48 AM Chime in now

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When we started thinking about having a second child, friends started whispering things into my ear: Are you hoping you have a boy this time? What are you trying for? One friend even passed along a, er, tip on how certain positions were more conducive to producing one gender or the other.
We certainly didn’t try for one or the other — we were just happy to be pregnant. And after all, isn’t getting pregnant and not knowing your baby’s gender one of life’s greatest surprises? That’s why you don’t find out what you’re having, noted my girlfriend. Because there are few great surprises in life and this was one of them.
Nine months later when our son was born, well-wishers kept congratulating us on our “Million Dollar Family.” Huh? The term was new to me and as I learned, it’s what some people nickname the so-called perfect family: a couple with one boy and one girl. It was starting to feel like many people around us were so much more invested in what gender our kids were than we ever were. After all, I was 35 when I got pregnant the second time — an age when mothers start undergoing genetic testing to determine the health of the baby — so to us, our worries were more along the fertility and healthy baby end of the spectrum rather than gender.  
And while the gender issue was a relative non-issue for us, I do know it is an incredibly important concern to others, possibly with some cultural or familial strings attached.  After all, an ad promising a conception gender selection service ran recently on the Indo-Canadian Voice Web site. Meanwhile, a recent study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal that noted that women from Korea and India were having a high rate of male babies born as their second children, continue to make headlines.

Interesting findings, yet I’m not in favour of eliminating gender discovery before birth altogether. Like many issues for women — Abortion! Plastic surgery! Working or staying at home! — whether you prefer to find out what you’re having before your baby is born is an intimate, personal choice and should remain a choice.
So if you were to ask me if you should find out before you give birth what you’re having, I’d tell you to wait and enjoy one of your ultimate surprises — the choice itself should remain.
What do you think? Did you find out what you were having before you gave birth? Did you want one gender over another?

Would you want to know your baby's gender? Chime in below and let us know!

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