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See Sienna Miller's Nude (Full-Frontal!) Pregnancy Portrait

Nov 12, 2012 at 5:48 PM Chime in now

Jonathan Yeo

Here at iVillage, we think all expectant mamas are gorgeous, and we celebrate bump-baring in all forms, from gorgeous celebs flaunting their fullness in bikinis to the now-ubiquitous pregnant nude magazine cover

So our jaws dropped when we saw artist Jonathan Yeo's stunningly beautiful nude protrait of a very pregnant Sienna Miller on Huffington Post. The oil painting does away with the usual, demure arms-and-legs-strategically-crossed pose and instead shows us full-on Sienna, complete with breasts, nipples and pubic hair...you know, those body parts that real women (and, apparently, some celebs, too!) actually have and that are part of the baby-making process.

Can we get a woot-woot for both artist and actress for showing us an honest portrait of pregnancy? (Even if the average mom-to-be doesn't look quite that amazing -- Miller is a former model, let's not forget -- or choose to have her pregnant body immortalized on canvas.) We think this portrait is absolutely fierce.

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