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Awesome Mom To Wear Same Dress To Grad That Got Daughter Sent Home From School

Jun 10, 2014 at 11:08 PM Chime in now

Awesome Mom To Wear Same Dress To Grad That Got Daughter Shamed At School

Amy Redwine

A North Carolina mother has pledged to wear the same dress to graduation that got her daughter sent home early on her last day of high school. In a year of girls getting shamed at school for short hemlines, sent home from dances for failing the so-called "fingertip test" and having their yearbook photos doctored for modesty, this mom is fed up.
When Amy Redwine got a call from her daughter Violet's high school near Lexington NC, saying she had been disciplined for wearing a too-short dress, her first reaction was disbelief. It was not just the last day of school, but the final two hours of the last day of Violet’s senior year, and she'd been summoned over the loudspeaker to see the principal.
She was met outside the office with a school staff member and was forced to measure her dress from her crotch to seam in front of a now-packed hallway full of students.
“I get a call from a crying Violet about how they measured her dress and it was four and-a-half inches from the crotch and not five inches. How they had taken a measuring tape had her hold it against her crotch and said it was not long enough.”
It was a dress she had worn to school five times that year. Violet had even texted her mom a picture of her in the outfit earlier that day, asking how she looked for the last day of school and her mom had replied she looked great.
“I thought she looked fashionable and cute that day. She had also worn flat shoes so there was nothing in my mind provocative about her outfit, or I would have not bought it for her,” says Amy.
Over the phone, the secretary said Violet could go home and change, but would need her mother’s verbal permission to do so. Things were about to get even more absurd.
“Thirty minutes later I received another call from a now hysterically crying Violet who had arrived back at the school, telling me if she checked back into school she would receive detention for being late for her next class.
“I said, ‘Violet just go home…don't check back in to be punished.'’”
And that’s how her last day of high school ended. “I was pissed and Violet felt humiliated and let down by the very people she had looked up to because she loved school and although she doesn't always mind me, she was a big time rule-follower and wanted nothing more than to please her teachers.”
Amy talks about Violet’s independent style with pride, describing how she'd dyed her hair blue to match her prom dress. While she wants to be liked, and cares about others, “she just doesn’t want to be a uniformed copy of everyone else.”

She believes this is why her daughter was singled out.
“They used the quiet little girl with the crazy hair to make a example out of in front of the entire school.”

"Violet had said, 'I wish you would put on that dress and and come up here and tell them off.' Well I was at work and I said 'Violet just go home!'"

But that night Amy posted this pic (above) on Facebook with the message "I have my Harper Valley PTA outfit for her graduation."
This Saturday, Amy will be wearing Violet’s dress to her high school graduation ceremony. And it will be a momentous occasion, not just because she’s calling out the school’s behavior.
“I never ever ever wear dresses. So it's a super big deal to Violet to let her know I got her back.”  
Now that’s an awesome mom. And Violet? We’ve got your back, too!
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