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See Beyonce and Jay-Z's Post-Baby Date Night -- How Long Did You Wait to Go Out?

Feb 23, 2012 at 4:36 PM Chime in now


New parents Beyonce and Jay-Z spent one of their first date nights since baby Blue Ivy's birth fist-bumping for the Nets as they battled the Knicks. Even with all the extra help the couple probably has, we're guessing that they're still spending some time feeding and burping their newborn and maybe even changing a midnight diaper blowout or two.

So it's a safe bet that the joy in their faces at Madison Square Garden was due to more than just a few three-pointers. With her hair pulled back in a half-ponytail and not wearing a whole lot of makeup, Bey actually kind of looked like a new mom in the trenches, albeit one who wears Christian Louboutin pumps and a double finger ring. 

I'm impressed that the pair was able to leave their six-week-old daughter at home -- as she also did two weeks ago to celebrate Jay-Z's Carnegie Hall gig and debut her impressive postpartum boobs. I couldn't rip myself away from my son for at least three months after he was born. For our first post-baby date night, I'm pretty sure I went over feeding and diapering instructions with my parents at least 23 times and I was wracked with guilt the whole time for "abandoning" my son.

The guilt continued for months afterward every time I left him at home, until I finally realized how much he and his grandparents enjoyed being together, how it really was fine to leave him with a sitter and how important it is for my husband and me to get some couple time. So kudos to Bey and Jay for making date night a priority, although I have a feeling it won't be long before baby Blue starts fist-bumping courtside, too.

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