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Maya Rudolph Interview: Motherhood, Baby Number 3 and Her New TV Show

Apr 12, 2013 at 10:28 AM Chime in now

Keystone Press


Between raising three kids (daughters Pearl, 5, Lucille, almost 2, and 2-month-old son Jack) and filming her new TV series Up All Night (see a sneak peek here!), Maya Rudolph says she can barely remember to wash her hair -- let alone schedule romantic time with her partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson. "I think the last date night I had was eating a bowl of cereal at my kitchen table after everybody went to bed," the actress tells iVillage. "But at this point I’ll take it!"

When iVillage caught up with the former Saturday Night Live star, it was clear that she was doing a juggling act. The busy mom was happy to chat about her new show (which premieres on Sept. 14 and also stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett). But when her toddler wanted attention, Rudolph, 39, snapped right back into mom mode. "Hi Lulu!" she says, putting the phone down. "Sorry, my daughter just woke up from her nap...I’d like to know when my nap is!"
Read on to find out why Rudolph needs a "night school course on how to have it all" and why she'd jump at the chance to make a Bridesmaids sequel.
Did you get to go on any summer vacations this year?
Nope, not one. I didn’t get a summer vacation. It was so crazy. I was so pregnant and my husband was working. But now the baby’s here and everyone’s back at school and I'm back at work. It's killing me! So, next summer I’m really looking forward to my vacation.
How's filming going for Up All Night?
It’s been great. I feel so lucky working with these people that are so tremendously talented. It’s a great atmosphere. Also, it’s a no-judgment atmosphere because we all have kids of various ages. Not just the cast, but all the writers and so much of the crew. So everybody gets it when you’re like, "I’m exhausted!"
The show is all about balancing work and motherhood. Is it as hard as it looks?
It is! I think that there is a desire within all of us working parents to do it all, so to speak. But, I think it’s more like do it -- I don’t want to say half-assed -- but I do it the best I can. I never feel like I do all of it. It’s like trying to concentrate on three different things at the exact same time. If there were more of me to multiply that would certainly help. You really do want to be present for all of the things that are going on in your life. And if you’re going to be away from your kids, you should at least like what you’re doing. But I don’t think I’m mastering it. There should be some sort of night school course for how to have it all.
Congrats on the new baby! Is it easier the third time around?
It gets crazier. It gets more hilarious. I’ve definitely been down this road before but as weird as it sounds, it’s like I’m doing it all over again. How do I not remember some of this stuff? I just did it. My second oldest is only 22 months. She was just a baby a year ago. I don’t know where the time went, but it seems so far away that I can barely remember. If anything, I just think you receive the wonderful gift of being able to relax a little bit more and be less hard on yourself. Like, "Alright, this was not perfect. I’m figuring it out." But it’s not just that. You don’t have the time to stare at them asleep. You’re happy that they’re asleep because you’re talking to your 5-year-old about school and trying to make sure your less-than-2-year-old doesn’t draw on the wall.
Christina Applegate recently had her first baby. Has she been asking you advice? 
I would hate to be the person that’s like, “Well, let me give you a little advice.” Only because those people drive me so crazy. There’s so much unsolicited advice that you get when you’re pregnant and when you have kids. I've just been sharing a lot of anecdotes of like, “Yeah, I’ve been there. That happens.” When you have friends going through that with kids, you want to let them know, "This is a phase and this will pass, and I’ve been there. You’re not alone." It can be a scary thing to bring people into the world and be responsible for their well-being. We just sort of check in with each other about our baby stories. I enjoy her telling me about the fun stuff that (Applegate's 7-month-old daughter Sadie) is doing like clapping or sitting up.
Do you guys have your kids on set together? 
Not yet because everyone has different schedules. Our children are all coming and going at different times of the day. It’s totally nuts. It’s intense. I bring the baby with me right now because he’s so little. But one of these days we’ll get them all in the same room at the exact same time.
I loved the song you did with Tiny Fey on SNL for the Mother’s Day Special.
That was stuck in my head for months!
You were singing to your son. Do you think you'll ever show it to him? 
Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see the comedy interpretation of him. I work so much pregnant that I think my kids will get a kick out of, when they’re older, to see where they were bouncing around in my belly.
You and Paul are so busy with the kids. Do you ever make time for date nights?
I keep hearing about this elusive "date night" where people actually have it together enough to go somewhere. I think the last date night we had was eating a bowl of cereal at my kitchen table after everybody went to bed. But this point I’ll take it. It’s been awhile for me, I’ll say that. It’s been a really action-packed year. I’m really envious of those families that really get it together. It seems so adult to me like, "And then Friday we’ll have date night." How do they do that?
So you haven’t mastered that yet.
Oh God, no. I’m still trying to figure out how to wash my hair on a regular basis.
Do you think your kids realize that you're a celebrity?
My oldest sees the ads now for the show, so I think that is kind of exciting and bizarre at the same time. I think it started with Bridesmaids, for sure. That was the first time she actually saw that I was in something. We would drive down the street and see a poster. And then we started watching America’s Got Talent this summer, and they were showing a lot of ads for Up All Night, so we were both excited together. It was pretty cute.
Speaking of Bridesmaids -- any plans for a sequel?
I wish I could say yes. But I haven’t heard a thing about it other than people saying, "Any plans for a sequel?" But I think it would be really fun, and I think it would be great for everyone to be together. We’re going to need a reunion soon, whether it’s working together or not.
I can’t imagine it not being fun filming that movie.
Oh, it was so fun. It’s one of those times in life and work where you’re just like, "I wish everything could be like this."
Can we expect to see you on SNL at all this season?
Not that I know of so far, but I’m always happy to go back. For me, there’s no place like home. It’s really nice whenever I get a chance to go back. And then I go back, and I’m like, "How the hell did I do this for seven years? My god, I’m exhausted from like one sketch!"

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