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How to Make a 3-D Fish Birthday Cake

Oct 16, 2012 at 2:48 PM Chime in now


Instructions adapted with permission from Cakes for Kids by Matthew Mead

What you’ll need: 

Round oven-safe mixing bowl
13x9 cake pan
Cookie sheet or serving platter
2 boxes of cake mix
1 container of vanilla frosting
Red and yellow food dye
1 marshmallow
Handful of chocolate chips
Orange and yellow M&Ms or gumballs

How to make it:

1. Bake the two boxes of cake mix according to the instructions -- one in the round bowl (greased) and the other in the 13x9-inch cake pan. 

2. After cooling the cakes and freezing them for an hour to make them firmer, cut out fins and a tail from the rectangular cake. Carefully take the round cake out of the bowl and place it on a cookie sheet or serving platter flat side down. 

3. Attach the fins and tails to the round cake. 

4. Mix the red and yellow food dye to the frosting to create an orange-coloured frosting. Use it to frost the cake.

5. Cut a marshmallow in half and attach a chocolate chip to each one for the eyes. Stick them on both sides of the fish’s face. Place the candies all around the body of the fish to create scales.

6. Optional: Mix food colouring with sugar to give the appearance of water and decorate your serving dish with faux plants for seaweed.

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