‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except Mom, index finger scrolling slowly through news sites way past her bedtime.

Why? Why?

I had presents to wrap and cookies to prep. All those things stayed undone because I stumbled on this.

The story in a nutshell: Doctors and nurses in the birthing center at Sunnybrook in Toronto make a parody of Gangnam Style. An organization called Humanize Birth call attention to it. The video is pulled from Sunnybrook’s Youtube channel but they don’t apologize. The Toronto Star reports on it. I watch the video.

Now, here’s my deal: I really, really don’t like this video.

While pregnant, I bought Hypnobirthing and went to pre-natal yoga but I still ended up in the O.R. Watching this spoof video brought back all the hippie, doula, midwife, no epidural, “birth plan” intentions I originally had during pregnancy. That’s because this video, whether you defend it or not, does one, stark thing: It belies the lack of holistic treatment that women fear from hospitalized births.

Doctors and nurses birth many babies over the course of their careers. I don’t expect the arrival of my little one to blow anyone’s mind but my own (and hubby and grandmas and grandpas, of course). I knew my life-altering experience would just be all in a day’s work for staff, so I researched childbirth as much as possible in order to mitigate the feeling that I might be treated like a job on an assembly line.

And that’s the real problem with the fall-flat humour of this spoof video, it betrays that assembly line attitude that scared the hell out of me and continues to inspire many women to skip the hospital and birth at home.

As it turns out, my own disappointment with the lack of professionalism here is not a popular position, at least not on Youtube (whisper-plea: Don’t ever let me be in line with comments on Youtube).

There’s the standard “you can’t take a joke” argument, which is a dead-ringer for the way feminism gets dismissed. No thanks, I don’t subscribe to pithy, uninformed cliches.

What’s obvious to me is that the video has become divisive because the natural versus hospitalized childbirth debate roils just beneath the surface. Because so many of us haven’t thought this through, or are even aware of the dichotomy, the debate gets sidelined into a “you’re either with us or against us” attitude regarding doctors, which is much too simplistic. As if any parent isn’t blubberingly grateful to the kind doctor and nurse who deliver their beautiful, healthy baby.

Way too many workplaces think it’s ok to make endless Gangnam Style (and Call Me Maybe) parodies (please, can we at least save it for people with some dance training?). I hold doctors to higher standards of professionalism than say, purveyors of paper products. There’s a reason for that. Doctors and nurses, if we choose to go the hospital route, are the people upon whom we must lean during the most scary and life-changing moment of our lives. All that and with our legs up. Men never physically go through anything that even begins to come close to childbirth. Am I supposed to trust or suffer these dancing fools in my birthing room the next time I go in?

I can laugh at an OTT Hollywood birth scene but this Sunnybrook Gangnam video is nowhere close to being any such thing. Besides the fact that it’s just embarrassing to watch, these are real doctors and nurses. Some dignity. Please.

On a less outraged, more seasonally-appropriate note, THANK YOU for reading me every week since I began writing for iVillage earlier this year. I appreciate it so much. I hope your little ones show you lots of love over the holidays. Here’s to another eye-opening year of watching our babies grow up.

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