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Inside NKPR's IT Lounge Portrait Studio, Plus: Follow-for-a-Cause!

Sep 10, 2012 at 9:20 AM Chime in now


The last frame has been shot inside NKPR’s IT Lounge Portrait Studio. From Sept 6 – 9, the NKPR offices transformed into one of Toronto’s hottest spots with famous photographers, celebrity guests and swag, swag, swag!

NKPR hosts an annual gift lounge at TIFF, but this year, Natasha Koifman, President, said she was a bit tired of the traditional format and wanted a way to revamp the space.  

What better way than a portrait studio? In typical NKPR fashion, Koifman and her team scored world-renounced fashion and beauty photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, and other famous shutterbugs to shoot celebs during the lounge.

“We thought, we love photo and we love fashion; how do we marry the two during TIFF, the most exciting time of the year? We contacted [Demarchelier] with a really great idea and just made it happen,” says Koifman.

Indeed they did.

Here’s a list of Sept 6 – 9’s hottest happenings:
(We were lucky enough to visit on media day; our comments are in brackets)

  1. The photographers: who shot the stars?
    -Patrick Demarchelier (Miranda Priestly would be proud; they got Patrick!)
    -Dustin Rabin
    -Caitlin Cronenberg (Yes, she is the director's daughter)
    -Norman Wong for The Coveteur
    To learn more about each photographer, check out their bios on NKPR.
  2. The Celebs: who stopped by?
    -Fefe Dobson
    -Agyness Deyn (Yes, THE supermodel)
    -Nina Dobrev
    -Tracy Moore
    -George Stroumboulopoulos (Hottie!)
    -Gabrielle Miller
    -Keshia Chante (Love her!)
    -Dina Pugliese
    -Paul Haggis
    -Darren Criss
    -Adrian Grenier
    & more!

  3. The Snacks: what did they nosh on?
    -Gourmet goods from The Grain Farmers of Ontario and Great Lakes Biodiesel (Homemade healthy pizza, anyone? Mmm…)
    -bottlegreen beverages (Hint: try the elderflower)
    -Yogurty’s fro-yo bar (Cinnamon Toast Crunch topping FTW!)
    -SKYY Vodka cocktails (The ‘Good as Gosling’ lived up to its name)
    -AQUAhydrate water (Essential the day after a few too many ‘Good as Goslings’)  
    & more!  
  4. The Swag: what did they go home with?
    -Jewelry from lia sophia’s Red Carpet collection (To die for; chunky bracelets = our fave)
    -Tweezerman tweezers and a brow bar (Two words: precision.tweezing.)
    -Fashions from RW&Co. (So glam and gorgeous yet accessible and affordable)
    & more!

But the lounge wasn’t all about snapping shots and grabbing gifts. For every talent that sat for a portrait, NKPR donated money to Kandy with a K, its online candy boutique that raises funds for ten worthy causes (see the list here!)

And the giving continues throughout the festival at NKPR. Follow-for-a-Cause is running all week. What’s that, you ask? It’s NKPR’s brilliant campaign combining charity with social media. For every Facebook ‘Like’ or Twitter follower @natashankpr gets during the festival, NKPR will donate funds to one of the aforementioned ten charities. Current Facebookers and followers can participate too, by retweeting and sharing posts.

Says Koifman of the initiative: “Everybody wants to get involved, they just don’t know how. It’s really simple. If you follow us, we’ll give back to our cause.” Sound good to us!

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