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Exclusive! Tori Spelling on Having a Fifth Baby, Maternity Swimsuits and the Miracle of Chalkboard Paint

Sep 7, 2012 at 10:51 AM Chime in now

Courtesy of ToriSpelling.com


Between TV gigs (Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Craft Wars), books (sTORI telling, Mommywood, CelebraTORI and more), blogging (ediTORIal.com) and being a mom, Tori Spelling is a busy gal. The new mom of four (Spelling just gave birth to baby Finn!) has also recently partnered with Lunchables to support the national "Never Be Bored Again" campaign that will fund up to $100,000 in sport and recreation programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We chatted with her about becoming a mom for the fourth time, family craft projects and why she loved rocking a bikini while pregnant.

Four kids! Were you one of those girls who always thought they'd have a zillion kids crammed into a mini van?
Tori Spelling: I wasn't, actually, no. I think you always want what you grew up with, and I have one brother, so I always thought, oh, I'll have two kids. That's just the way it goes. So, no, I never anticipated having four kids. But I also never anticipated loving being a mom and loving being pregnant so much. In my 20s, I never could have predicted that this is something that would have been life changing for me, and it is. I love being a mom. If I could, I would have many more, but this is probably the last one.

What did you like most about being pregnant?
TS: Everything about it. I'm not gonna lie, there are obviously hardships; it's not easy. But it's so worth it. You feel like you're doing something so powerful. I mean, you're creating life. You're basically a human incubator, so it's so amazing and it's such an accomplishment that it's worth all the aches and pains that you go through and all the struggles. I love never feeling alone, that's the biggest thing.

Do you think four will complete your family?
TS: I think so, yeah. I would hate to say never, but I think this will be it.

Why did you get involved with the Never Be Bored Again campaign?
TS: We're big fans of Lunchables, it's a great treat for the kids, so they were excited on that end, and I then I loved hearing about the campaign because it fits so well with our family. Never being bored is a big thing in our household because I'm constantly thinking of things for the kids to do. As a mom, we always hear the words, "I'm bored." And you don't want to just stick them in front of the TV. Board games kind of bore me. We are a big crafting family -- we're always crafting on a daily basis and thinking of things to help their creativity. Stella is big into art, Liam loves superheroes, so I'm always trying to think of things for both of them to do. [This campaign] was a perfect marriage and it's for a great cause. ... You can go to facebook.com/lunchables, and they'll donate a dollar to the Boys and Girls Club [each time someone uploads a "boredom-busting" photo on the page.] It's great to be able to help and show my kids that we’re helping in a creative way.

You obviously love crafting and you're the host of Craft Wars. What's the most recent crafty thing you've made?
TS: Right now we're working on back-to-school stuff, because the kids start back to school next week, and Liam is moving on to kindergarten, which is a huge deal. I'm obsessed with chalkboard paint. We decided to sand metal lunchboxes and paint them with chalkboard paint and then they can write on them and every day I can write a message to them and write a what their lunch is to them. We started that yesterday.

You posed in bikinis while pregnant and caught some flack for it, but we say, if you've got it, flaunt it! What gives you that confidence to show it all off?
TS: I keep telling everyone I'm bump proud, and I am. Literally, being pregnant, I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my entire life and I think it's because I'm so proud of myself and what I'm doing. As moms, it's hard work to make a baby, and we should be able to wear what we want and wear it proud and I'm a big believer that you don't have to go out and buy maternity clothes. You should wear what you want, wear what you had before, maybe go up a size. All my bikinis have been bikinis I wore before I was pregnant. I don't think you should have to wear some maternity one-piece just because you're pregnant. I think it's beautiful to show off your belly.

It seems like a lot of parents go from being crazy helicopter parents with their first kids to really relaxing with their younger ones.
TS: You do. You kind of realize that they're not going to break and they're pretty sturdy. I'm still a gasper, though. Any stumble or anything, I'm still like, [gasp!]. Even after three kids I still do it, but, you know.

You wrote a post on your blog recently about advice you'd give your 21-year-old self. What advice would you give yourself back when you were having your first baby?
TS: Probably not to listen to anyone because my first pregnancy I spent so much time listening to other's advice. Like, "Make sure you do this. Make sure you don't do this. Be careful you don't eat that. Be careful you don't go near this." I spent so much time being so paranoid during my pregnancy that there were moments I didn't enjoy it because I was just so scared of everything and worried about what you can and can't do. I was reading books on what you're supposed to do, and it's individual. I think from the moment you get pregnant your maternal instinct kind of takes over and you've got to trust yourself -- your intuitive self -- and go with it.

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