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'Looper' Opens Tonight! We Talk to Emily Blunt About Action Scenes & Time Travel

Sep 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM Chime in now

Emily Blunt Looper interview


(additional reporting by TAYLOR KAYE)

Looper opens tonight, Sept 28!  Emily Blunt stars in it alongside Hollywood heavyweight Bruce Willis and indie kid turned major player, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We were lucky enough to screen the film (it was TIFF 2012's opener this year)--and sit down with this superstar from overseas. Now, we've got the dirt on one of this year's most-anticipated films.

So, what's Looper all about?

The mind-bending film that's blowing critics' minds forays into the future; time travel has been invented but is illegal and only used by criminal organizations. ‘Loopers’ are hired guns tasked with wiping out mob targets who have been sent back in time, never to be seen in the future again. But problems arise when ‘Looper’ Joe [Gordon-Levitt] fails to kill his future self [Willis]. Blunt plays Sara, a single mom from Kansas with a heavy past who gets caught up in Joe’s complicated conundrum.

So what’s leading lady Blunt like? She’s intelligent but never snobby and wickedly sarcastic—even hilarious. Her answers are peppered with laughter and jokes as she lounges casually in a hotel armchair wearing a black-and-pink blouse, jeans and heels.It’s impossible to capsulize how charismatic this British babe really is. With that said, we’ll keep out of it, and let Blunt share her thoughts on all things Looper, time travel and film.  

On accepting an ‘action’ role:  why Looper?
“I have received action scripts. It just hasn’t been the right time or the right thing. But when I read Looper, to be honest I didn’t see it as an action movie.”

“People are talking about Looper as carving out new space for itself within a genre. But I’m not quite sure what genre it is. It’s action, it’s thriller, it’s sci-fi; its all of those things yet it’s actually very moving and poignant. I find it hard to box in. I think that’s why I reacted so passionately when I first read it and begged to meet Rian [Johnson] for it.”

On preparing to play Sara: was it hard?
“Exciting and challenging. She’s a very guarded character up until that scene where you discover through that monologue she gives as to why she is the way she is and why she’s as guarded and shut down as guilt-ridden as she is. The script protects the character in a way; protects who she really is.”

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