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First Five Bachelorettes Revealed! Who's Our Early Fave?

Aug 29, 2012 at 5:02 PM Chime in now

First five Bachelorettes


The Bachelor Canada premieres Wednesday, Oct 3 at 9:00pm ET/PT on Citytv, and moves to its regular 9:30pm ET/PT timeslot the following week, Oct 10. Don’t forget to tune in to Breakfast Television for weekly bachelorette reveals leading up to the premiere. 

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Summer is coming to a close – but I’ve got a smile on my face. For me, fall is time for fun – and best of all – full-on Bachelor Canada excitement!

The first five bachelorettes for Citytv’s The Bachelor Canada were revealed this morning on Breakfast Television, and it’s no surprise they’re all beauties.  But looks aren’t the only thing that’s important about the girls vying for Brad Smith’s heart. With that in mind, let’s discuss.

There’s Chantelle, a 25-year-old Pastor from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. She’s bubbly and sweet but I don’t think we should judge her too quickly on her innocent appearance. I bet this girl has some fire in her belly!

I’d love it if Chantelle were roommates with 28-year-old Melissa Marie, the Playboy model from North Vancouver, British Columbia. Why? Melissa Marie is bursting with confidence, spunk and a devilish desire to get noticed. She admits she’s competitive, and we all know how women just love being around someone who’s fiercly determined to win. (Cue: sobbing, mascara running down the face, the dreaded “ugly cry”.)
If a Pastor and Playboy model weren’t good enough, we also have Clarice, an active and sporty 25-year-old office administrator from Toronto. Surely, footballer Brad will like this (Someone to tackle, right?). Then there’s sweet Sophie, a 26-year-old university recruitment agent who looks like the perfect girl next door. She’s cheerful, positive and says once she makes a decision, she never looks back. Also, she’s a ‘Maritimer’ and I tend to think all east-coasters are swell (Clearly, I’m from the Maritimes).
Despite my east-coast bias, its 27-year-old Torontonian, Rebecca, aka ‘Bubba,’ that stood out to me. Why? She’s funny. Brad’s funny. Period.
So, what do you think? Will our beautiful Bachelor Canada go hubba-hubba for Bubba? Who do you think will make it to the final Rose Ceremony? Chime in now!

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