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Expecting a Boy or Girl? More Couples Are Finding Out with a Cake

Apr 13, 2012 at 12:43 PM Chime in now


It's not often we scoop the New York Times, but the paper's recent article on expectant couples who are having gender-reveal parties just backs up what we here at iVillage called a parenting trend back in January: Gender reveal cakes (and the celebrations that go with them) are an increasingly popular way for parents-to-be to get the answer to that all-important boy-or-girl question.

As iVillage reported, here's how it works: Couples ask the ultrasound tech or OB to write down their baby’s gender and they seal the note in an envelope, which parents bring to a bakery. The cake-maker then prepares a confection that reveals nothing on the outside, but is filled with either pink or blue frosting. The first slice spills the secret!

According to the Times article, the first gender-reveal party video was uploaded to YouTube in 2008; more than 1,800 were uploaded in just the past six months. We're not surprised -- and we're big fans of this sweet trend. After all, what's more fun: Finding out your bundle of joy is a boy -- or a girl -- in a room with a stranger, or finding it out in a room filled with friends, family and a ready-made dessert?

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