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Christina Applegate Still Wears Maternity Jeans -- Just Like the Rest of Us!

Apr 13, 2012 at 12:27 PM Chime in now

From her great baby name choice to her so-funny-so-true TV show to her very public confession that she envies Jessica Alba's post-baby body, we kind of love Christina Applegate.

Now, here's another reason: Applegate recently admitted that, nearly a year postpartum, she continues to wear her pregnancy clothes. "I still wear maternity jeans," she told US Weekly. "They're so comfortable."

We're right there with you, Mama! Sure, there are those moms who get back their pre-pregnancy shape just weeks after giving birth, and are only too happy to chuck their maternity clothes into the Goodwill bag. Then, cough, there are the rest of us, who either still need to wear our maternity pants postpartum or, like Applegate, choose to keep wearing them because those stretchy waistbands are just so comfy. (Who needs Pajama Jeans when you've got a Lycra belly panel?)

We 'fessed up around the office about what maternity clothes we're still wearing (I still wear a maternity bikini from my first pregnancy -- five years ago!), and asked iVillage mamas what preggo pieces they still love.

"This is so embarrassing, but my youngest is almost 6 and I still wear my maternity underwear to bed!" -- Stephanie

"I have a maternity wrap sweater that I still wear and my son is almost 7. Eek! It never wrapped around my belly when I was preggers and you can't tell it's maternity...at least I hope!" -- Kellie

"I wore my favorite pair of maternity jeans through and between all three pregnancies...until they literally and finally fell apart a few months ago." -- Kathleen

"I had a pair of gray work slacks that just had stretch to them and no panel. They were were the best! I wore them until I gave them to a friend along with my other clothes and I still wish I had them." -- Jennifer

"Gap seamless tanks. Super thin stretchy and long. Great under everything. My 'baby' is 4." -- Melanie

"I still wear some maternity clothes and my youngest is 2. I never got rid of the shorts and pants because they are still very stylish and hey, no one can tell they are maternity!" -- Veronica

"I still wear some of the stretch pants from my early months of pregnancy... my son is 2 1/2 years old!" -- Tuesday

"I still wear my maternity shorts ... and my daughter is 6." -- Rachele

"I still have a black tank from Target and it's most definitely a maternity shirt but I LOVE it and my daughter is 16 months." -- Shawna

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