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Handmade Paper Artist Makes us Pine for Era Pre-Email

Apr 12, 2012 at 4:44 PM Chime in now

The White Collection, by Field and Sea

The White Collection, by Field and Sea

Jennifer Taylor Paravates makes us nostalgic for the pre-email years, a time when people laboured over penmanship, picked stationery that was pleasing to the touch – an era of tiny, beautiful things. In her Etsy shop Field & Sea, this B.C.-based artist creates detailed objects that are meaningful to send and special to behold.

How do you describe your craft to people?
My Field & Sea work allows me to marry all the elements of my talent together, from photography to illustration to paper craft. I try and make every step of the process special, from the creation to the packaging. When I receive something, I love to savour all the details, so I try and give that to my customers as well.

What are some of inspirations behind your designs?
I am inspired by natural textures, found treasures, limited palettes, sculpture, the alphabet. The story beads were inspired by a childhood story told to me. Each bead is printed with a line in the story. The postcards are moments captured while exploring my new town and life in the dry and sunny interior of British Columbia. The heartfelt message cards are created for people like me, who sometimes find it hard to say the right words.

What colours are catching your eye these days, and making their way into your work?
Neutrals and naturals. I can't escape them! I've tried to incorporate colour, but it doesn't feel true to who I am.

Do you draw from other media, like literature and music for inspiration in your art?
I have a long history with literature, music and the arts, and I don't doubt they all influence me deeply. However, these days I am more inspired by the natural world.

If you weren't working in your media, what material would you like to work with?
Realistically, I'd love to work with textiles at some point. I am learning to crochet and one day I'll start a quilt. In my dreams, I'd love to form landscapes. If I were to start again, I'd become a landscape designer.

What is your favourite creation this year?
My latest additions are original hand-stitched and hand cut artworks. The cut paper and the thread details give a unique depth to the simplicity of each artwork.

Featured Picks:

Paper Story Beads
Each paper bead is a line printed with the words of a little tale of a young boy yearning for the attention of a certain little girl. I wrote the story, and hand roll each bead with love
Helpful Cards for the Tongue-tied
Slip these little heartfelt thoughts into pockets, between the pages of books, beneath your sweetie's pillow.
The White Collection
I love putting together these one of a kind collections. They are a great gift idea for the paper lover.

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