Beware: this video might make your heart grow two sizes.

Nine year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer building a cardboard arcade in the storefront of his dad's auto parts store in East L.A., outfitting his games with tickets and hand-made prize bags. He even had a T-shirt created for his venture. And then he waited for customers, but no one came.

When filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stumbled across the arcade, he couldn’t believe he’d been the first paying customer. He so was charmed and impressed by Caine’s efforts, he asked the boy's father if he could turn it into a short film. And that project launched a viral web campaign that became a flash mob. Get your Kleenex ready. This video will make you love the internets again. And kids. And, well, just humanity in general. *sniff*

UPDATE: Caine's scholarship fund has surpassed its original goal of $25k. According to an article in yesterday's HuffPo, the fund had raised $65k. There have are unconfirmed reports on Twitter that it has now topped $100k.We love it when people are awesome.

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