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Is Kate Middleton Hiding a Baby Bump? Here's Why Her First Trimester Will Be Hard

Apr 10, 2012 at 11:42 AM Chime in now

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All bets are off for an upcoming royal pregnancy announcement from Prince William and Kate Middleton. Someone close to the couple put a stop to baby rumors, confirming to US Weekly that the couple isn’t expecting -- and they’re not expecting to announce any pregnancy news anytime soon, either. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly sipping sherry and skiing recently -- two pregnancy no-no’s.

I feel for Kate. Normal baby pressure is no fun and royal baby pressure must be exponentially worse. Every time she holds a bag in front of her belly or refuses to eat peanut paste, headlines are plastered all over every tabloid and magazine. Now, the fact that both Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II got pregnant within their first year of marriage makes it even worse, as the couple will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on April 29.

I got married last spring about a month after William and Kate (they totally stole my wedding thunder!). A month after the wedding, my family was already asking if I was pregnant. Excuse me! It’s true that my husband and I weren’t shy about saying we were ready to start a family and had talked about having a baby fairly quickly after the wedding, but that didn’t mean I welcomed “are you pregnant yet?” questions. I politely asked everyone to simmer down and made it clear that I was going to enjoy every moment of summer (alcoholic drinks and all) before getting pregnant. But up until the moment we shared our baby news, I couldn’t help but feel like friends and family were expecting an announcement every time we saw them. The truth is, most of them were!

Now if Kate Middleton is really pregnant, I don’t blame her for doing everything she can to hide it and lying to the media about it. I discovered I was pregnant the night before leaving for a week-long Christmas trip to visit my husband’s family and friends in Vancouver, which immediately turned a fun holiday into a stressful one. We were planning to tell the family the first night at dinner, but refusing a pre-dinner drink was all it took to tip them off. Since I was only four or five weeks along, we weren’t ready to share the news beyond close family, though. So when we attended a party with friends a few days later, I opted to stealthily drink water from a beer can to avoid further questioning. Back in NYC, I spent much of my first trimester in hiding. I knew no amount of lies could cover the fact that I wasn’t going to have a glass of wine and would therefore be deemed pregnant.

If Kate Middleton really isn’t pregnant yet, the one thing that won’t help? Stress! So let’s stop stressing out the royal couple with all of these royal baby bump rumors, shall we?

Have you ever felt pressure to have a baby? Chime in now!

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