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'Shahs of Sunset': New Show Ingenious or Insulting?

Apr 4, 2012 at 4:17 PM Chime in now

Shahs of Sunset


As a fan of “reality” TV, I had to suppress squeals of glee when I heard about the new series Shahs of Sunset. Think Keeping Up With the Kardashians meets Jersey Shore, but with more bling and more cursing. And more waxing. A lot more waxing (ladies and fellas alike). 

You can’t help but fall in love with the cast of uber-rich Persian-American socialites as they shop and party their way through Los Angeles, spending money like it grows on palm trees. 

Reza (left), the openly gay and extremely outrageous businessman, is so buffed and polished he could be on display at Madame Tussaud’s. He knows how to stir up trouble with the “crew” and can always be counted on for a snarky remark. The best line of the night comes from him, and though I can't repeat it hear, it'll leave you asking, "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

MJ (second from right), Reza’s BFF, is the pessimist of the bunch and relies on her two purse dogs to keep her company when she’s not taking them to the pet spa. GG (right), the Barbie/cheerleader with the nose job to prove it, keeps a calendar of what she’s worn so she never repeats an outfit. To have such problems!
Asa (second left), the rebel of the group and self-proclaimed, “intergalactic Persian priestess”, considers herself an “artist” but is really just a low rent M.I.A. who judges her fellow wealthy friends for living the lifestyle they are accustomed to. She and GG do not get along and I see down and dirty cat fights in the show’s future.

Closing out the crew are Sammy (middle back), a real estate developer who described the merits of a property he was selling as “6000 square feet, party deck, bring the ho*’s, pop the champagne”, and Mike (sitting), the ultimate momma’s boy who has a weakness for Latin party girls. 

Whether it’s watching this bunch party, deal with their crazy bananas families, shoot guns, imitate their parents’ Persian accents, or throw down over the terribly insulting suggestion that they’re wearing something from H&M (seriously), you’ll find it entertaining. Either that, or terribly outrageous and insulting. But I’m guessing you’ll come back for more - I sure will!

This six-part, one-hour, docu-series makes its Canadian debut Sunday, April 8 at 9pm ET on OMNI.2, OMNI Alberta and OMNI BC.

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