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'That '70s Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested for Spousal Abuse

Apr 3, 2012 at 9:44 AM Chime in now

Lisa Robin Kelly

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images

Kelly, who played Topher Grace's promiscuous older sister on the sitcom, was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday

The '70s were good to Lisa Robin Kelly, but things are rough right now. Kelly, who played Eric Foreman's (Topher Grace) promiscuous older sister Laurie on That '70s Show, has been arrested on a felony charge of domestic violence. She was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department early Sunday morning, after allegedly causing "corporal injury upon a spouse." (Translation: she hit her husband. Or possibly her wife. We can't find any information about her getting married.) In her mug shot, Kelly is wild-eyed and unrecognizable as the pretty blond vixen from the hit sitcom. What happened?

Sadly, Kelly's struggles go all the way back to her years on That '70s Show. After being a regular for the show's first three seasons, she was shipped off to beauty school in the fourth season and then appeared in a handful of episodes during the fifth season. In the show's sixth season, her character was suddenly and mysteriously played by another actress, Christina Moore, before being written out altogether. There were rumours that Kelly was fired for an out-of-control drug problem. And while those rumors were never confirmed, Kelly more or less stopped working after being fired, leading fans to believe that something was very wrong.

Then in 2010, Kelly was arrested in North Carolina for driving while intoxicated. Her disheveled mug shot, though not quite as bad as this new one, became infamous. Kelly ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to a year of probation.

It's worth noting that when she was cast on That '70s Show, Kelly was 28 years old and effectively playing a teenager. Now, at 42, she looks far older than her years. It's not unlike that video of Lindsay Lohan's face aging rapidly when her partying got out-of-control. Maybe this latest arrest will be the wake-up call that Kelly needs to get things back on track.

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