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Canadians on Etsy: JustWork's Affordable Handmade Heirlooms

Mar 14, 2012 at 10:39 PM Chime in now

Ceramic Honey Pot

Ceramic Honey Pot

JustWork is a Vancouver-based collective of artists and artisans creating a simple and stunning array of hand-made pieces for living spaces. In addition to their charming designs, their non-profit enterprise provides employment opportunities and community to people with some kind of disability or working barrier. Visit their Etsy shop for more design finds.

iV: How do you describe your craft?
JW: We see our work as affordable handmade heirlooms. Each piece is made by hand using many traditional pottery techniques, meaning every piece is just a little bit different. We think this handmade touch gives the items more personality than something that has been mass produced, where the creator doesn't typically feel a connection to their work.

iV: What are some of the inspirations behind your designs?
JW: Our inspirations are heavily inspired by our community's desire to live more simply and to be in touch with things like where our food comes from. Our work has an earthy look that evokes a rustic charm.

iV: What colours are catching your eye these days and making their way into your work?
JW: Our latest collection has a lot of cream, brown and white - we love the neutral look of these colors.

iV: Do you draw from other media?
JW: I think our inspiration comes more from the life of our community - we have community gardens that we manage and a lot of very talented bakers and chefs in our midst.

iV: What material would you like to work with?
JW: Our head designer Leigh also works with a number of media. She sketches brilliantly, loves to create paper garlands and make journals from found materials.

iV: What is your favorite of our creations this year?
JW: Definitely our honey pots [see featured pic]. They just ended up having a really nice charm to them. This honey pot is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Perfect for both bakers and tea lovers it features a beautiful cream glaze.

More Picks from JustWork.ca

Garden Markers

Our garden markers are very popular. They make a beautiful gift for veteran gardeners as well as folks who are just getting started out. We love that having pretty markers like these can encourage people to get gardening!

Glazed Pitcher
This pitcher has history written all over it. It makes me think of visiting relatives and wonderful meals spent together.

Note from the designers: For more on the JustWork organization and the work it supports as a non-profit, please check out our website: www.justwork.ca - it's in the midst of an overhaul but still has a lot of good information.

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