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My Month of No Coffee: Lessons Learned

Mar 1, 2012 at 4:23 PM Chime in now

This is it!  A full month without a single drop of coffee.  To all my skeptics out there...In your faaaace...and mostly in my face because I was my biggest skeptic of all.
I first signed on to this challenge as just that, a challenge.  I wanted to see if I could actually cut my 15-20 cups a week down to nothing, cold turkey.  For those who know me, coffee was my water and one of my few daily rituals that I would look so forward to.  I really didn't think it was possible but I want to tell everyone that it is!  I've learned a lot in my bean free journey and I almost feel like a born again coffee virgin.  But let's get serious - coffee is amazing and its inevitable that I will be drinking that black gold again.
As your reading this, Ill probably be enjoying my second cup of coffee but I think my outlook now will be much different.  Before I didn't think twice about spending money on coffee but now I think this experience will forever change me for the better.
For example, I want to begin brewing my coffee at home in the mornings.  I live steps away from work so I really have no excuse.  I also want to be more mindful of my spending.  If you have been reading my blogs you would have calculated by now that I have saved $148.65!  Can you believe it?!  Because I like numbers, I also calculated what 50 years of this coffee indulgent life style would cost and that is $89,190.  That is insane! And I'm not even taking inflation into consideration here. There is definitely room for improvement there and I'm determined to change.
Thanks everyone for putting up with me in my withdrawal state.  It was a painful month but definitely worth it.  So if we're still friends, we should go for coffee ;)
Sincerely caffeinated,

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