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My Month of No Coffee: The Final Stretch

Feb 28, 2012 at 6:28 PM Chime in now

I can already taste it!

I am in the home stretch, but before I recap this coffee free week, I have a confession to make.
I cheated…kind of.
On Tuesday, February 21, I ate a bag of... coffee crisp minis. To my defense I was not aware at all of the 'coffee' portion of my afternoon snack. I'm hoping we can all look past this mishap and agree that clearly my brain was on coffee autopilot. OK, I feel better.
Tuesday February 21– Sunday February 26
This week I have not been able to get coffee off my mind. I am literally thinking about it all day everyday and even in my dreams. The closer I get to the end of the month, the more I can practically taste it. I've already planned my ceremonial first drink and everything.
I think part of my extra longing comes from the fact that Wednesday was the first day of Lent. This year I'm giving up chocolate and cereal - two of my favourite things (besides coffee of course). Tuesday I decided to go on a chocolate and cereal rampage, hence my mishap that I mentioned earlier, ahem.
Now without chocolate, cereal and coffee in my life some may think I'd go into a depressed state...Au contraire! Not only have I passed the ‘woe is me’ part of this month, I think I have beelined it to the crazy train full speed ahead. For example, I may or may not have 'waved my hair back in forth' at work thanks to musical stylings of Willow Smith. To help get through these last few days, my work mate and I even have a countdown on our whiteboard.
On the plus side, I could not be carrying around more change.  I even did another load of laundry this week which has never happened two weeks in a row! Thinking about how far I've come, I'm feeling a tad bit guilty about wanting to go back to my old ways.  You all remember - two coffees a day and many more on the weekends? The idea of shelling out 40-plus extra dollars a week is kind of giving me some apprehension.
I am saving way more money than I actually care to admit and crunching these numbers are making me think. An extra $120 a month in my pocket equals a metropass, a great pair of jeans or even some help towards my credit card bill.
I have two days to decide but until then I will stay focused and keep the cheating to a minimum ;)
Total week Savings: $33.57

And the FINAL TALLY FOR THE MONTH (Drumroll, please): $148.65

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