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Egg Hunt Ideas for Easter

Mar 24, 2012 at 10:55 AM Chime in now

toddler easter egg hunt


Easter egg hunts haven’t changed much through the years: Groups of eager kids search high and low for colorful (and well-hidden) treasure. But if you’re looking for a fresh take on the classic, look no further than these clever moms’ ideas for mixing up the egg hunt:

Try a novel twist on the traditional daylight search: Arm your kids with flashlights, and send them out at dusk to hunt for eggs.

If you’re having a hunt for kids with different age groups or searching abilities, consider ways to ensure the bounty is well distributed. You can opt to assign each child a certain color to hunt for, or a list of different colors to find (i.e. two red, three blue and one green).

Turn the tables on your kids -- let them each hide a few eggs for you and the other adults at your party to find. The child who stumps you the most (with the last egg found) gets a prize.

When it comes to filling your Easter eggs with loot, sometimes you have to think outside the egg -- check out these clever ideas from Alpha Mom.

A little ingenuity can turn the standard plastic eggs into some spectacular bling -- Easter egg rings with a surprise inside, created by Dollar Store Crafts.

Don’t forget to get your kids dressed appropriately for the occasion! Consider printing out these super-cute bunny masks from Bird Crafts, then let kids go wild decking them out before they hit the bunny trail looking for eggs.

Consider coming up with a theme for your egg hunt -- like Heather Collier from Charlotte Smarty Pants did with the cute Peeps theme.

And when they’re done with the hunt, let them eat cake. According to Dabbled, it’s pretty easy to bake up cakes inside eggshells -- and they make a fabulous finale to an egg hunt party.

Hop to it! Get more free craft ideas and recipes for Easter here.

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