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Hilary Farr from "Love It Or List It" on Transforming Your Home for $1,000

Apr 4, 2014 at 5:23 PM Chime in now

Hilary Farr

Hilary Farr

If home improvement is your passion, then there is a good chance that Hilary Farr is one of your favourite Canadian design experts. Farr, the “love it” portion of W Network’s Love It Or List It, makes it hard for homeowners to walk away from their home sweet homes.

Since the majority of us won’t get to have Farr heading up major renovations in our homes, our burning question for Hilary was this: What is the one home improvement that people can make to their homes that costs under $1000 and will significantly improve their quality of life and the value of their home? 

"Kitchen and bathrooms are surefire rooms that will add value to a home. The suggestions that follow can come in at $1000 or less. If you are a DIY or at least a bit handy you should be able to do the work yourself, and of  course, it's important to look for good quality bargains."


  • Give kitchen cabinets and drawers a face lift by replacing the hardware with new knobs or handles in sleek, polished or brushed metals. Be sure to check that they will cover the existing screw holes in the cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Install a new backsplash. You won't need a lot of material, so choose something that makes a big design statement and will deflect the attention from other areas of the kitchen that you cannot update. Choose a glass mosaic, or mixed material mosaic they look great, and may be able to be installed right on top of your existing one to save time and labour. 


  • If you have a vanity that is chipped or worn, sand it down and stain or paint it. Replace the knobs and handles.
  • Replace towel bars and all bathroom accessories. Buy new fluffy white towels and bathmats.
  • Update light fixtures such as sconces.
  • Update faucets, especially if they look worn, but also if they look dated.
  • This one requires a lot of elbow grease but it's worth it! Dirty grout looks awful but it is inevitable in a well-used older bathroom. Buy a tool specifically used to scrape out at least 1/2" of the old grout. Clean all the surfaces and let it dry completely, and it’s ready for new grout. Choose a colour to contrast with your tile. It will look brand new and more interesting. Use a grout sealer over it once it is dry and follow the instructions as to when you can start to use the area again.




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