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8 Things We Learned From Winnipeg About Sucking It Up In The Cold Weather

Jan 22, 2014 at 11:58 AM

8 Things We Learned From Winnipeg About Sucking It Up In The Cold Weather


Unless you've been living under a rock or have been hibernating (because who could blame you?), we're going to assume you've heard about the latest Polar Vortex that's gripping eastern Canada.

Every city from Toronto to Halifax has been plunged into an arctic-esque climate where sub-zero temperatures, frozen eyeball syndrome (if you stand outside waiting for the bus for too long the water that keeps your eyes agile actually begins to crystallize) and making sartorial missteps is the norm.

The thing is, as we complain about it "being too cold" or "feeling like we can't breathe," Winnipegers -- our friends to the west -- are experiencing a cold snap that's even colder than ours.

It's -25 in Toronto? Ya, well, it's -40 in Winnipeg.

What's more, because they're used to frigid temps, those crazy Jets-lovers actually find ways to smile in the cold weather (instead of grumbling about cold feet).

In honour of the town dubbed "Winterpeg," and to help us cope with this latest cold snap, we wrangled up a few of the best reasons to love winter from some of our Manitoba readers. One even includes playing basketball in the snow. Enjoy!

1. Cold weather days > snow days.

2. There's beauty in snowy, cold environments. When has a construction site ever looked so lovely? NEVER.

3. You get used to the cold. So yes, even when it's -35, the temperature can seem mild.

4. You get to use cool gadgets that you'd never use otherwise. Car heaters and jumper cables, anyone?

5. You learn how to look fashionable in cold weather. (You also learn to appreciate onesies -- which are awesome.)

6. Snow won't stop you from playing your favourite summertime sport. What's more, you call the act of wearing a sweatshirt in the snow "frolicking" instead of "insane."

7. You're realistic. And you understand that a) you can move somewhere warmer (if you want) and b) that Canada is supposed to be cold.

8. You realize things could always be worse.

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