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This Good Samaritan's Act Of Kindness Will 'Boost' Your Spirits

Nov 24, 2014 at 9:46 AM Chime in now

This Good Samaritan's Act Of Kindness Will 'Boost' Your Spirits


Derek Murray, a University of Alberta law student, forgot to turn off his headlights after he parked on a residential street.

But a Good Samaritan turned a potentially stressful experience into a seamless one. It was an act that "saved my day from being ruined," Murray later wrote on his Facebook page.

Murray returned to his car only to find his car battery had died. On his windshield was a note -- a ticket, he thought. It wasn't a ticket, instead it was a letter that read: “The battery will probably not have enough charge to start your vehicle. I left a blue extension cord on the fence and a…battery charger beside the fence in a the cardboard box. If you know how to hook it up use it to start your car.”

The writer then went through the steps of boosting the car, wishing Murray good luck at the end of the note.

"If karma was a person, I’d totes high five them right now," Murray tells Global News.

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