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This is What it Was Like to be a Passenger on That "Christmas Miracle" WestJet Flight

Dec 11, 2013 at 4:57 PM Chime in now

Lisa Mackay in the Westjet Christmas Miracle Commercial

Lisa Mackay in the WestJet Christmas Miracle Commercial

You know that WestJet commercial that everyone and their mother has shared on Facebook this week? The one where people waiting for their flights tell an interactive Santa what they want for Christmas, and then WestJet staff on the other side shop madly and hand them those gifts when their flight lands? 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those lucky people? Lisa Mackay was a passenger on that flight, and she describes the experience – and the aftermath – as magical.
Where were you traveling to on that fateful flight?
I was travelling from Toronto to Canmore with my husband and two kids to visit my in-laws. My Mother-in-Law is having chemo and couldn't visit in the fall as she usually does, so we were already feeling pretty blessed to be going out to see them before Christmas.
Did you have ANY idea what was happening?
Well, I knew the Skype with Santa thing was obviously a stunt, but I thought that was it. It was just cool to talk with Santa! I had no idea what kind of production was waiting for us in Calgary.
What was the mood on the flight?
The mood on the flight was pretty normal, they captured it well on the video. Lots of sleeping, movie watching, kid-entertaining.... Pretty run of the mill.
What did you ask Santa for?
I asked for a juicer, although I didn't really talk to Santa much -- my kids are pretty shy. So I didn't ask him for anything. Then later one of the gate personnel was chatting with my eldest and I about what we wanted from Santa, and I told her I wanted a juicer, but my son didn't think that was a good thing to ask for. He wanted me to get 5000 more kids. I'm pretty happy they went with the juicer, and impressed that they didn't want me to get left out!
That was amazing to see the guy get the big TV. Were you disappointed that you didn’t ask for a flatscreen? I’ll bet the guy who asked for socks and underwear was bummed he didn’t dream bigger.
Nah, I am pretty happy with the juicer! Plus, we don't have cable. I think the poor socks and underwear guy was on the Hamilton flight, I didn't see him in Calgary.
Have you gotten any interesting feedback after your appearance in the commercial?
The feedback from friends has been so much fun. I have been hearing from people I worked with, people from university, people I haven't seen in years who recognized me in the video. It's been amazing, and kind of surreal.
It was also kind of magical because we left dreary Toronto and arrived to a beautiful, sunny winter wonderland! I know I sounds soooo cheesy! But I can't help it, the whole thing just felt like a gift.

I think the whole thing worked so well because it felt so genuine. The West Jetters were as excited as we were! They were so sweet! Yes, I can't help but think that this just got the whole trip rolling in the right direction.

Lisa Mackay's family (including Mother-in-Law) in sunny Canmore:

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