Natasha Ramsahai, meteorologist at Citytv

Q: If you were to give your girlfriend, daughter or niece one tip for living a passionate life what would it be?
A: Never let others try to tell you your passion is silly or "against the grain".  Sometimes not doing the norm is what makes life interesting and fun.
Q: What was your first passion?
A: Probably music and dancing when I was a little girl.  My sister and I would choreograph routines to songs, and even now we still go dancing out together.  My mom even took us to see The Jacksons perform at the CNE when I was 8!
Q: Is passion learned or does it come naturally?
A: I think passion comes naturally after you're exposed to something that interests you.  For example, if I NEVER heard music as a child, I might not have had an early passion for it.  But the minute I heard it, it rooted itself in me.  Same thing for home design.  If it weren't for all of the design shows on TV and the numerous design magazines, I'm not sure that I would have that as my current passion.

Q: Where do you see passion everyday?
A: I see it in my kids' eyes everyday when they learn or see something new.
Q: Who is the most inspiring (and passionate) Canadian woman to you?
A: Probably my friend Sarah.  She's been through a terrible loss in her family, yet still has a smile on her face 24/7.  You can't help but feel good whenever you see her.  She makes you feel important and is also the most thoughtful person I know, always thinking of the little things.  She has also set a footprint for other female meteorologists at Environment Canada.

Q: Finish this sentence: “Passion is ___________”
A: Necessary.