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From body size to abilities, do you see yourself reflected in mainstream media? How is that landscape changing? What kind of people do you want to see represented in film, fashion and the online?  Carolyn Pioro is a journalist who has written about becoming a quadriplegic after an accident cut short her circus career. She shares her thoughts on her new body, the representations of body types in the media, and how we can be better body image heroes to the next generation of women.


Sarah Francis has been working in the fashion industry for most of her life, but it was motherhood that made her realise that we need to have a different conversation about how we see our bodies.
Karyn Johnson took matters into her own hands and lauched KillerKurves.ca, a website devoted to plus-sized body types with a passion for fashion.
Plus-sized model, blogger and marketer Zara Hemmings thinks that the dialogue around body types is already changing for the better.


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