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Romantic and Sexy Dates That Don't Cost a Dime

Feb 1, 2013 at 1:40 PM Chime in now

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Valentine's day is coming up, and even though the real St. Valentine had nothing to do with romance or sex, somehow his name got attached to the day of love, so we find ourselves looking for ways to rev up that relationship around this time.
Chocolates? A dozen roses? Dinner out? Sure. That's all fine but a little cliché, don't you think? Also, it's frugal February around here, so we thought we'd offer you some creative, and inexpensive or free sexy date ideas.
Now, here, in ascending order of sexiness, is our list of cheap or free sexy date ideas for Valentines day.
Volunteer: One 2008 study at the University of Nottingham found that "women place significantly greater importance on altruistic traits than anything else" and that "both sexes may consider altruistic traits when choosing a partner," reported Science Daily. So, go collect food, shovel snow, visit with the elderly or do whatever moves you. Even better if you make it a regular thing.
Winter Picnic: Bundle up and pack dinner. Make it an actual dinner for two - like roast lemon and garlic chicken with mushrooms and potatoes, or boeuf bourgignon, something that travels well - instead of sandwiches and potato chips. Pack wine, mulled wine, whisky, or, if you're not a drinker, hot cider, and an iPod deck. Listen to music and cuddle under blankets while you eat. Bonus: no wasps. Those little [bleeps] ruin, like, every summer picnic.
Winter Hike: Pile on the warm clothes and head to a park or trail. You'll probably be the only people around. (I'm taking about light hiking close to towns and cities, not serious trail treks, which more seasoned hikers might want to take). Again, pack hot drinks. And maybe you'll wind up getting down and dirty in the snow (if there's snow, which some places haven't seen much of this year). Bonus idea: take a star map along (available for iPhone and iPad platforms here http://www.star-map.fr/) and when it gets dark, if you're away from city lights you can look up and identity the constellations.
Give Each Other Psychic Readings: If you're not already skilled, pick up a deck of tarot cards or a set of runes and a how-to book. Then delve into reading each other's lives, past, present and future. See how accurate you can be. This is also a great opportunity to really open up and talk about things that might not have come up before. Maybe you'll discover you're a natural psychic!
Cook an Aphrodisiac Meal: Turning up the heat a notch, try cooking a sexy meal together and using a classic aphrodisiacs in each course - oysters Rockefeller, asparagus risotto, lobster and avocado salad, truffle steak, chili chocolate mousse. Yum. Granted, the ingredients might not be that cheap, but it'll be less expensive than eating out. And don't forget the bubbly. A bottle of delicious Prosecco can be bought for under $15.
Spa Night: Can't afford a pricey trip to the spa? Get the full treatment at home.  Dim the lights, light some scented candles, share a bubble bath by candlelight, give each other massages from head to toe, including scalp rubs, with essential oils. Make sugar body scrubs and give each other full body scrub downs. Throw in pedicures or masks. Eat a healthy meal and drink tea. Or feed each other fruit and drink wine. Bonus: you don't have to listen to that cheesy new age music they always play at spas. You can get your scrub down to Motorhead or Ghostface Killah if you want to.
Play Sexy Games: Strip Halo anyone? Super Mario? Assassin's Creed? The same rules apply as normal play but the loser of each round has to take off a piece of clothing. It's more fun if one of you is a really bad player. Don't do video games? Parlour games that lend themselves well to this sort of thing include Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble -Strip Scrabble rules can be found here http://www.scrabblepages.com/blog/scrabble/how-to-play-strip-scrabble/ - or card games like Gin Rummy and, of course, the old standby, Poker.
Sketch Each Other: A project that can be undertaken in various degrees of dress/nakedness. Grab a sketch pad and some charcoal or pencils and take turns posing and drawing. I don't think it matters if you can't draw. Whatever you come up with, you can just always say it's "abstract." Try starting clothed and slowly stripping down. This obviously leads into an awesome role playing sex game about an artist and model in an old-timey Parisian garret, living an impassioned romance around red wine, poetry and painting. Mais oui.
Just Do It: You know, that old Nike slogan doesn't just apply to running and basketball. If your relationship is young and still in the hot and heavy phase, it's all you want to do anyway. And the fact is that a lot of us, particularly when we're in long term relationships, aren't having sex nearly as often as we should be, or as we'd like. You know it's good for your mental and physical health, right? So, forget the other activities. Greet your partner at the door wearing nothing but a smile - or some sexy underwear - or, if you have to travel to their place, why not bring back the old "trench coat with nothing underneath" chestnut? Nothing says romance like a night of hot sex. And, yep, it's totally free.

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