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Here's What Barbie, Bratz Dolls and Disney Princesses Would Look Like Without Makeup

Nov 4, 2013 at 1:15 PM Chime in now


Sure, she never leaves a box, hops in a Jeep, takes a cruise or hangs out in her mansion with her makeup anything short of perfect. Blue, purple or pink eyeshadow? Check. False lashes? Check. Eyebrow pencil? Check. Lipliner and gloss? Check and check. You just don’t mess with Barbie’s cosmetic competence. But we’re so glad digital artist Nickolay Lamm did. On his eponymous blog, in a post titled “Barbie, Bratz and Princess Dolls Without Makeup,” Lamm offers a glimpse at what these gals would look like sans all the face paint. And you know what? Even Ken would agree: They look fab.

Beach Barbie Gone Mild


Without all that makeup caked on, Barbie looks fresher, younger and ready for fun in the sun (slathered in age-defying sunscreen, of course).

(So Long To) The Color Purple


Bright purple eyeshadow and fuchsia lips may be appropriate for a wild night out or a drag performance, but for day-to-day beauty? A bit much. Plus, we’re totally digging Barbie’s nude lip.

Prettier in Pink?


Sure, pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick has a fun bubblegum quality to it. But makeup-free Barbie is still a beauty. A swipe of mascara and gloss, and she’s good to go!

From Temptress to Tomboy


With a little soap and water, Barbie’s bestie goes from sultry to sweet.

Bratz Diva on the Down-Low 


Remove the disco-era glittery purple eyeshadow and neon pink lipstick and this Bratz doll looks ready for high school – if not a bit sleepy from that all-night cram session.

Disney Princess, Interrupted


With her fluttering false eyelashes and pink lipgloss, this Disney doll looks ready to hold court. Sans the makeup, she’s still doe-eyed, but maybe could use a little Latisse.

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