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And The Worst Place To Be A Woman In Canada Is...

Apr 24, 2014 at 5:25 PM Chime in now

And The Worst Place To Be A Woman In Canada Is...

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As far as countries go, Canada’s a pretty sweet place to be a woman (Forbes ranks it in the Top 20). But according to this study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, not all cities are created equal. And before you rush to prematurely give your city a gold star, you’ll want to check out the list.

The study is based on the comparison of how men and women are doing in five key areas: economic security, leadership, health, personal security and education.

Quebec City sits at Number 1 as the best place to be a woman in Canada. The study cites better access to full-time employment, higher female leadership roles, and health rates for both genders being either excellent or high -- Quebec’s capital seems to be experiencing a narrowing of the gender gap.

Our East Coast sisters occupy the mid-ground on the list, with Halifax in nineth and -- this might shock you Lotusland lovers -- Vancouver ranks a disappointing thirteenth. Although Halifax has the smallest gap between men’s and women’s employment overall, they drop to the middle because of the lack of women in leadership roles. While women in Vancouver hold higher political roles than Halifax, they also have lower than average levels of full-time work.

And of course, what you’ve all been waiting for, last on the list -- apologies to Jill Hennessy and Rae Dawn Chong who turned out alright despite their hometown’s poor ranking -- is Edmonton. Out of the entire group, Edmonton has the largest gap in access to full-time employment between men and women. The rates of sexual assault are highest on the list, and they rank second-lowest in women’s political representation.

Don’t worry, we still love you, Edmonton. You’re one of Canada’s most romantic cities and you have one of the greatest shopping malls in the great north.

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