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With Prostate Cancer, Screenings and Warning Signs Trump Self Exams

Nov 18, 2012 at 11:20 PM Chime in now

Doctor Examining man



Why it’s Better to Let a Doctor Handle This One

Unless you're really into DIY, prostate tests are better left to your physician. 
Prostate Cancer Symptoms

- Prostate cancer doesn't always have warning signs, especially in the early stages. But if symptoms do appear, your trouser snake will be the first to notice. If any of these sounds a little to familiar, might be time to see your Doc. 
- You piss like a pregnant racehorse. Once the pee party starts, it's hard to stop. That is if you can start it at all. Painful urination reminiscent of your college STD days. Painful ejaculation, not to be confused with painful sex a-la-Fifty Shades. But seriously if you have any of these symptoms and/or blood in your urine or semen, call your doc.
Your doctor is going to check for prostate cancer using 2 methods:

DRE- Digital Rectal Exam

Stop clenching. Here’s what you need to know:
Your doctor may put you in one of a few positions to give them the best access; the two most common are bending over the examination table or lying on your side hugging your knees. I know this doesn’t sound awesome  (or maybe it does) but remember that this shouldn’t take long (under a minute) and you shouldn’t feel any pain (if you do, say something!). The doc will be wearing gloves and have lubed up his finger, yes finger. Think about how small a finger is and just how much your anus can expand. You got this.

PSA- Prostate Specific Antigen Blood Test

This is a simple blood test. This test has been under fire lately for the controversy regarding its benefits and false negatives/positives.
Have a discussion with your doctor about when and how is best to screen you for prostate cancer. In general it will be after age 45 or 50, depending on family history and risk factors. Black men, men over 50, men who have a brother, son or father with prostate cancer, and those who eat a high-fat diet are at higher risk for prostate cancer.

Screenings Are Great, But You Can Do More

And, good news! It doesn't require you walking to work, wearing hemp clothing, or going raw macro vegan! It just requires that you remember that what you put into your body (eat) and do with your body (sweat) directly effect your overall health, so here are a few ways I balance:

I’m pretty simple when it comes to food, eat clean whole foods most of the time and when you do eat junk, know it’s an indulgence or treat and really enjoy it (without the guilt!). 
1. If it comes wrapped in tinfoil or plastic, avoid it.
2. If it doesn’t spoil, avoid it. Think about how creepy that is!
3. If you can’t tell what the food you’re eating comes from, avoid it. (Who would ever know Twinkies are from Wheat, Sugar cane, etc?)
I’m pretty simple when it comes to exercise too. It’s important, but also has to be enjoyable. Think about playing as a kid, we loved moving, running, getting sweaty! Set up a game with the guys, whatever real or made up sport that may be for.
Rolling solo? Batting cages, driving ranges and laser tag all work up a pretty good sweat too. Obviously you’re not gonna hit laser tag 4 times a week (if you are, bravo!) so find something you enjoy and can do on a consistent basis. You don’t know if you don’t try, so get crazy and give yoga, crossfit, boxing, running, MMA, tennis, swimming, and maybe even jazzercise a shot, you never know where you will find your perfect sweat session! 
Yael Cohen is Founder of Fuck Cancer, a charity aimed at boosting early detection of all cancers through education.
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