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TEST: The Real Age Of Your Heart May Shock You

Feb 18, 2014 at 9:45 AM Chime in now

It's National Heart Health Month. How old is your ticker? Take this test.


When was the last time you paused to think about the health of your heart? (If you're like us, it's probably been a while.)

But since it's National Heart Month -- and we've officially passed two events that distract us from that fact, Valentine's Day and Family Day -- we thought it was time to check in with our ticker. Specifcally to gauge the age of this most-important organ using an awesome new quiz: Heart Age.

Here's a brief intro to the quiz:

Diet and Lifestyle can affect the health or “age” of the heart. Take this quick test and join the six million people around the world who’ve already found out their Heart Age and how to help improve it.

All you do is enter some facts about your weight, height, etc. into the online quiz and you'll find out how old your heart actually is. Throughout the process, handy heart health facts will pop up -- for example, "On average women your age had a Heart Age two years older than their real age."

Once your results pop out (you can see mine below), you're directed to a site full of tips to help improve the health/age of your heart. 

Take the quiz for yourself and let us know -- are you surprised by the findings? Tweet us @iVillageCanada.

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