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Warning: Working Out May Cause Orgasms

Mar 21, 2012 at 4:36 PM Chime in now

Working Out May Cause Orgasms

Hans Berggren/Getty Images

Pop quiz: what gets you all hot and sweaty, makes your heart race and sometimes induces moans, groans and orgasms? No, we’re not talking about sex, ladies. We’re talking about exercise.

If you really want to bliss out from your workout, forget the endorphins and aim for an exercise-induced orgasm (EIO).

In a report that should be filed under, “why has no one ever told us this before?” researchers have found that up to 15 percent of women literally get off from working out. Well, no wonder those perfectly spandex-clad women always look so damn euphoric during their aerobics class.

So why aren’t you getting any of that action? Turns out, some moves are much more conducive to hitting your sweet spot than others -- and we’re not talking about Kegels. Workouts that engage your abdominal muscles most commonly lead to what scientists are calling a “coregasm.” Hey, Carmen Electra: I think we’ve got a new workout series for you!

We hope this doesn’t lead to a stampede at the gym, but there’s one abdominal machine in particular that might as well be dubbed the orgasmatron: The captain’s chair. You've seen it, that contraption with padded arm rests that supports your forearms while you lift your knees to your chest. Apparently, the repeated action of lifting your legs while squeezing your abdominal muscles can cause an inadvertent stimulation of the nether regions. But you have to be working out hard, usually for multiple sets before you orgasm.

Hmm, so what you’re saying is, I can have an orgasm and build rock-hard abs at the same time? If you’ll excuse me, I have a gym membership that’s begging to be used.

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